Catalog of Control Systems Security- Recommendations for Standards Developers

Catalog of Control Systems Security: Recommendations for Standards Developers (co-author)

This catalog presents a compilation of practices that various industry bodies have recommended to increase the security of control systems from both physical and cyber attacks. The recommendations in this catalog are grouped into 19 families, or categories, that have similar emphasis. The recommendations within each family are displayed with a summary statement of the recommendation, supplemental guidance or clarification, and a requirement enhancements statement providing augmentation for the recommendation under special situations. This catalog is not limited for use by a specific industry sector but can be used by all sectors to develop a framework needed to produce a sound cybersecurity program. This catalog should be viewed as a collection of recommendations to be considered and judiciously employed, as appropriate, when reviewing and developing cybersecurity standards for control systems. The recommendations in this catalog are intended to be broad enough to provide any industry using control systems the flexibility needed to develop sound cybersecurity standards specific to their individual security needs.

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